Halloween Costumes

So its that time a year again. I’ve been asked to think about what I want to be for halloween as often Sarah & I dress up to go to a costume party that our circle of friends takes turns hosting (last year we hosted). I got a magazine in the mail today from  buycostumes.com so I will look to see if theres anything new that I want to be or maybe I’ll just repeat a costume from a previous year. Harry Potter, Mad Hatter, or Peter Pan anyone? This year if you haven’t looked Halloween Falls on a Wednesday. Also not that I Trick-or-Treat  anymore but I’ve noticed that Trick-or-Treating is not as much fun here in Edmonton as it was in Ontario as it often is really cold out so all the kids wear coats over their costumes. Not to mention trick-or-treating when its freezing and you have to wear gloves and your candy is frozen solid before you get home can’t be much fun. Anyways any thoughts on a costume for me this year?

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