Long Weekend is finally here!

Finally! Thanks giving weekend is here. The weather in Edmonton is getting colder, this morning was -2C! I’ll need to add that handy remote car starter back onto my key chain soon. I think I actually saw it snow for a few minutes the other day but I’m refusing to admit happened and saying it was Hale.

A computer update, I did go back to the data center and replace all the really long power and network cables on the servers! and in case your wondering why I never posted photos of the facility is its because we are not aloud to take video or photos of the location for security reasons.

Normally on long weekends I’m either camping or have some big computer project planned but this weekend is just going to be relaxing at home with Sarah and teaching her how to use WordPress.

Hope you all enjoy your turkey! I know I will :)

Data center Move

So the move over the weekend to the data center is finally completed. I still need to make some small changes as I used really long power cords and some longer ethernet cable that I would like to replace with shorter ones. I also would like to get some canned air and clean out some of the older servers.