Quick Update! & iPhone 5

It’s been a busy week so far! On Monday I went and visited the Primus Data Center here in Edmonton and got a tour of the state-of-the-art facility. I am really excited to say that I plan to colocate many of my company’s servers into this secure facility over next month.

Today Apple announced the new iPhone 5 which will be available here in Canada next Friday Sept. 21! I’ve held onto the the iPhone 4 from its original launch date 2 years ago and I am really excited to update to this latest model next Friday, launch day as usual.

Halloween Costumes

So its that time a year again. I’ve been asked to think about what I want to be for halloween as often Sarah & I dress up to go to a costume party that our circle of friends takes turns hosting (last year we hosted). I got a magazine in the mail today from  buycostumes.com so I will look to see if theres anything new that I want to be or maybe I’ll just repeat a costume from a previous year. Harry Potter, Mad Hatter, or Peter Pan anyone? This year if you haven’t looked Halloween Falls on a Wednesday. Also not that I Trick-or-Treat  anymore but I’ve noticed that Trick-or-Treating is not as much fun here in Edmonton as it was in Ontario as it often is really cold out so all the kids wear coats over their costumes. Not to mention trick-or-treating when its freezing and you have to wear gloves and your candy is frozen solid before you get home can’t be much fun. Anyways any thoughts on a costume for me this year?

MySQL Replication

So Yesterday I setup MySQL replication for databases. I used these institutions found here.  But I ran into some issues when trying to run “show master status;” as I determined that binary logging wasn’t turned on. Which is needed in order to track and replicated databases changes. So to enable that I needed to add

log-bin = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log

to /etc/mysql/my.cnf

But this line was already added to the file by following the institutions but didn’t work. My issue was that I added the line to the bottom of the file. It needs to be added higher up with  the following lines.

server-id = 1
log_bin = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log
expire_logs_days = 10
max_binlog_size = 100M

Other than that the instructions work great!

To add multiple databases to replicated.

On the slave in /etc/mysql/my.cnf just add another line replacing the “databases2″ with the name of the second database.


Well thats it hope that helps someone else out!

Server Colocation

So I’ve been looking into server colocation in Edmonton to get faster internet and cheap IP blocks for my VPS solution that I will be launching soon! And I think I finally found a good datacenter to host in! It’s a Primus data center here in downtown Edmonton. I will be going for a tour later this week and will post some photos for those who are interested. I mostly chose Primus because they offer 1/8th (5U) server rack cabinets with 100Mbps network connection for 300/mo. As right now I don’t need a ton of rack space as I virtualize most everything these days and I will still continue to host from my home office here in Edmonton as well.


So today marks the last day of “Summer”. Tomorrow will bring more traffic and longer wait times for lunch at the university with more than 39,000 Students attending this Fall. I will have to go back to my scheduling travel around campus around class breaks and lunch breaks as that is when it will be the busiest. I’m excited that Christina will be starting University this year & I hope she has a good experience and makes some new friends. So even though I know Fall does’t official start until later this month it sure is starting to feel like fall with yesterdays temperature reaching 5C (with 25km wind).

A New Site.

So today I thought I would start my own website for my thoughts and to keep track of events that go on in a day of Geoffrey. This site will mostly serve as a reminder for myself of things that have happened, lessons learned, IT how to’s, exedra.