I’m Back!

Hello All,

Its been a long time since my last post so I’d thought I’d startup again.

Life has been busy! Its been a great year so far. My wife and I are building a new home here in Edmonton which we are excited about and drive by almost everyday to take photos of the build process. They just finished the roof last week and now we have windows and doors! Its been a exciting process and we are looking forward to moving in later this year in late Nov. or early Dec.


cPanel & Snow…

Hi everyone! I know its been a while since i last posted I hope everyone is having a great new year so far!  I’ve been investigating the ever popular cpanel to see if I can integrate it into Watt Networks website hosting environment. I haven’t figured it all out yet but I got DNS and SQL working with our cluster. I’m just having trouble connecting cPanel Apache to my replicated web sever cluster.

We got more snow again today here in Edmonton as if we didn’t have enough and to top it off tomorrow is going to be -28 C! (without windchill)

Well off to bed.


Long Weekend is finally here!

Finally! Thanks giving weekend is here. The weather in Edmonton is getting colder, this morning was -2C! I’ll need to add that handy remote car starter back onto my key chain soon. I think I actually saw it snow for a few minutes the other day but I’m refusing to admit happened and saying it was Hale.

A computer update, I did go back to the data center and replace all the really long power and network cables on the servers! and in case your wondering why I never posted photos of the facility is its because we are not aloud to take video or photos of the location for security reasons.

Normally on long weekends I’m either camping or have some big computer project planned but this weekend is just going to be relaxing at home with Sarah and teaching her how to use WordPress.

Hope you all enjoy your turkey! I know I will :)

Halloween Costumes

So its that time a year again. I’ve been asked to think about what I want to be for halloween as often Sarah & I dress up to go to a costume party that our circle of friends takes turns hosting (last year we hosted). I got a magazine in the mail today from  buycostumes.com so I will look to see if theres anything new that I want to be or maybe I’ll just repeat a costume from a previous year. Harry Potter, Mad Hatter, or Peter Pan anyone? This year if you haven’t looked Halloween Falls on a Wednesday. Also not that I Trick-or-Treat  anymore but I’ve noticed that Trick-or-Treating is not as much fun here in Edmonton as it was in Ontario as it often is really cold out so all the kids wear coats over their costumes. Not to mention trick-or-treating when its freezing and you have to wear gloves and your candy is frozen solid before you get home can’t be much fun. Anyways any thoughts on a costume for me this year?


So today marks the last day of “Summer”. Tomorrow will bring more traffic and longer wait times for lunch at the university with more than 39,000 Students attending this Fall. I will have to go back to my scheduling travel around campus around class breaks and lunch breaks as that is when it will be the busiest. I’m excited that Christina will be starting University this year & I hope she has a good experience and makes some new friends. So even though I know Fall does’t official start until later this month it sure is starting to feel like fall with yesterdays temperature reaching 5C (with 25km wind).